Bicycle Prem on Rtv

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Timesworld desk: Rtv’s weekly “Monday Night Super Drama” is bringing to viewers single-episode television play “Bicycle Prem”. Written by Abdullah Mahfouz and directed by Biswajit Dutt, the play will be aired tonight at 8:10pm.

Cast members include Tawsif Mahbub, Peya Bipasha, Tamim Mridha, Samiha Khan, Zaki, Mahabub and guest star Sadia Jahan Prova.

The narrative describes the experiences of Piklu, who travels to Dhaka on behalf of his father and becomes acquainted with a group of young men who run a bicycling group.

The group is embroiled in rivalries with the neighbouring area’s cycling group, and tensions mount when Piklu falls for a girl from the opposing neighbourhood.

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